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🐾🐶 MEET GELERT 🐶🐾 Hello, Collie Lovers! We are thrilled to introduce you to Gelert, a handsome one-year-old Collie who is eagerly waiting for his forever home. Gelert is a bright, energetic, and loving boy who is looking for a Collie-savvy home that can provide him with the time, training, and mental stimulation he needs. He is a quick learner and already knows basic commands, but he is eager to learn more! This young lad thrives on exercise and would love a home where he can stretch his legs, play fetch, and explore the great outdoors. He is a bundle of joy and he is sure to bring a lot of happiness and excitement to his new home. Gelert is not just looking for a house, he is looking for a home - a place where he will be loved, cared for, and cherished. He is looking for a family who will invest time in his training and development, and in return, he promises to be a loyal, loving, and entertaining companion. Our Christmas wish for Gelert is to find him a loving home before the holiday season. Imagine the joy of spending Christmas with this beautiful boy, watching him play with his new toys, and snuggling up with him by the fire. If you think you could be the perfect match for Gelert, please get in touch with us. We would love to introduce you to him and help him find his forever home. Thank you for considering giving Gelert the loving home he deserves. Together, we can make his Christmas wish come true. Gelert is neutered and vaccinated.

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