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Can you spare 50p a week to save a life?


Lots of people say they wish they could help, but sadly busy lives, running homes and families often mean there is no time. Why not become a regular donator?

Setting up a monthly donation of £2/£3/£5 or any amount you wish, means that we can continue to save the lives of animals that really need us.

Animal like Indy! Indy was a young lurcher pup left at a vets to be euthanised when Greenacres heard of his plight, he had a severly broken leg and required specialist orthopedic treatment. It was our kind and generous supporters that enabled us to fix this terrified pup and assist him in finding a forever home.

Money is energy. Your lovingly sent donations you give to Greenacres will go directly to the animals. You can also donate by Standing Order. Please CLICK HERE to download the form. Simply fill it out and send to your bank.

You can donate via Paypal Giving Fund

You can also donate items from our

Amazon Wishlist.

Donate Now!

Indy (before)

Indy (after)

Indy before
Indy after

Greenacres Animal Rescue

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Ebbs Acres Farm,

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It doesn’t sound much does it... 50p. That’s because it isn’t.