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Find out what items we need most, our adoption policies, and acceptable donations. 

What items do you need the most?

Items we use most of are.

  • Tins/Pouches of cat and dog food – all brands accepted.
  • Wood based cat litter.
  • Bleach, Antibacterial Spray and Zoflora.
  • More Items we need can be found on our Wishlist (Include Link to Amazon Wishlist)


Do you accept duvets & pillows?

No, we do not use duvets, the bedding at Greenacres gets washed and replaced daily and its very difficult wash/dry duvets/pillows. The filling is also hazardous if chewed. We do however accept blankets, fleece throws and towels.

Find a list of items we accept and a list of drop off points here (include a link to that info).


Do you accept medication or parasite treatment that is no longer needed?

Yes, with so many animals in our care this is sometimes very useful, if it is a medication that is not of use to us then we would dispose of it responsibly. We would however encourage any donations of medications to be dropped directly to the centre and not at our drop off points or shops.


Do you rehome outside of Pembrokeshire?

The short answer is YES, we will rehome all over the UK. There are few things that needs to be considered before looking at rehoming out of our local area, we must be able to complete all the necessary checks to assess the suitability of the adopter and home and the adopter must also be willing to travel to the centre in Pembrokeshire, West Wales to complete the adoption. If you are from outside of the area, please investigate our location (SA62 3XA) and be sure that visits are possible.


Do you have an age limit for adoptions?

We do not have an upper age limit for adoptions and try our best to judge each case on its own merits and place animals that are suitable to the adopter. We reserve the right to cease any adoptions that we do not feel is right for the animal in question.

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