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Charlie, a nearly four-year-old Rottweiler with a heart as big as his paws! Charlie's journey hasn't been an easy one; he was found as an unclaimed stray, leaving his past shrouded in mystery. Despite his rough start, Charlie's resilient spirit shines through, and he's now eagerly seeking a loving forever home where he can thrive.

Charlie is a quintessential Rottweiler, embodying many of the breed's wonderful traits. He's fiercely loyal, forming strong bonds with his human companions. Charlie's affection knows no bounds, and he'll shower you with love and devotion every day. He's a true protector at heart, always keeping a watchful eye over his loved ones.

As with any Rottweiler, Charlie requires a dog-savvy home that understands his breed's unique characteristics. While he's incredibly loving and loyal, Charlie does prefer to be the only dog in the household. He thrives on one-on-one attention and would flourish in an environment where he can be the centre of your world.

Charlie is an intelligent boy who's eager to learn and please. With positive reinforcement training and plenty of mental stimulation, he'll quickly become your most obedient companion. Whether it's going for long walks in the great outdoors or cuddling up for a movie night at home, Charlie is up for any adventure as long as he's by your side.

Charlie is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and will come with a Burns Pet Nutrition adoption pack plus 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance..

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