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Greenacres is a place of safety to all animals but our main aim is to find them new loving forever homes, sadly for some animals for a variety of reasons this is not always an option. In those cases, where we can meet the long term needs of the animal Greenacres will offer a 'sanctuary placement'. This means that the animal will live out the rest of its life here at the centre. Below are some of our sanctuary animals.


Jack and Roy are two mules that came into our care in 2016. Sadly neither had ever been handled much in their life so have a fear of people. Both now live a life of no pressure with us and mix with the horses and ponies. 


Mr T is a wonderful Norfolk Black Turkey that was saved by a well wisher nearly five years ago from being someone's Christmas dinner! He was only a few months old when he arrived and is now set to see his fifth Christmas! Mr T is a firm favourite with staff, volunteers and visitors.


Florence was found by a member of the public on the side of a very quiet rural road, she was new born and still covered in amniotic fluid. She was quickly taken home by this person and they set about finding her Mum, sadly she was never found so they approached us to give her a forever home. Florence was hand reared by the staff and volunteers and is now part of a small resident herd. Florence, Mary, Bebe and Scatty!


Major is a remarkable Jacobs sheep that arrived with the rest of his herd at Greenacres when his owner could no longer care for them. They were in need of some TLC, and we managed to get them back to great condition. A group of varying ages they know live happily with our other sheep. 


Spot had been a pet pig his whole life and had outlived his friends, his owner was having to sell their land and Spot's future wasn't looking great. So we agreed to try and find him a home, sadly that home never came and his quirky behaviour meant we felt he would be safer with us. Spot now lives happily with Smokey, Doris and Boris!


Tom Jones came into our care as an orphan lamb with his friend David Bowie! Both are now big healthy rams and they live within our resident flock.


Blossom was brought to us an orphan lamb, very small and poorly! She took around the clock care to bring her back to health! As you can see Blossom soon had the life of a normal lamb and will now live out the rest of her days in peace at the centre.

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