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We've been made aware of emails circulating from someone claiming to be from Green Acres Rescue but actually directing people to a fraudulent website which claims to have locations in New York, India and the UK. 

If you receive an email from Green Acres Rescue, please do not click any links within it, and most importantly do not make any sort of payment, order or contact with them at all to protect yourselves from having money or personal information taken and used fraudulently without your consent. 

If you do click the link, and the website is not, please close it down immediately. The fraudulent website is using a .com domain.

** We do not take part in the sale of any animal, so any website claiming to be us that does this is not legitimate and is unaffiliated with ourselves.

What are we doing to combat this?

We have taken the steps to report the website to Google's Phishing Scam team. We have also sent a take down request to the abuse team for the company hosting the rogue domain/website. They have confirmed they are investigating this and we hope this situation will be concluded as soon as possible.

In the meantime, if you're in any doubt about if contact we've made with you legitimate and genuine, please feel free to call us on 01437 781745 or send us a message on Facebook

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