Greenacres, is nestled within the green rolling hills of the gorgeous Pembrokeshire countryside. Driving up the sanctuary’s winding driveway, you notice the crafted wooden fence work, carefully outlining luscious green pastures, containing happy, contented animals, and you get the sense you are entering a homely environment.

“Just spent a two week holiday next door to this rescue. The animals are so well looked after. I fed the donkey, pigs, goats, alpacas and sheep every night with carrots and apples. Lovely place, if i was a homeless animal in Pembrokeshire I would be happy to be there.”

This is because Greenacres is sanctuary for the animals it opens its doors and hearts for. Many animals have been subjected to extreme cruelty, abandonment and neglect, and GreenAcres dedicated staff and volunteers set to work immediately in order to bring the animals back health and happiness.

Some of the animals that come to Green Acres can not be re-homed, and therefore become part of the surroundings. Greenacres is more than a sanctuary for some, it is quite literally their forever home.



To see an animal coming to us from a difficult situation, to heal, to be nourished in spirit and energy, and then being able to watch as their forever home human carer walks into their lives, is a beautiful moment.

“Amazing how the staff knew all the cat’s names and nature’s. . Have had Biggins the cat for a few days now and he is doing well.”

Animals come into our lives for a reason, and the animals at Green Acres are no different. Many will have had a difficult time up until we open our arms to them. They already have a history, they may have experienced issues that these loving, devoted companions should never have experienced, but as in humans, the difficulties we face in life also create the individual essence of our character.

“Got our boy Timmy, a American cocker spaniel from this great place! He’s made such a perfect family pet for us being such a loving, out there little doggy! And is also so gentle and loving with our 7 month old daughter since he came into our family when she was only 1 and half months old. Thank You for such a beautiful dog inside and out”



Rehabilitation is an important part of the process. We make sure that our animals are given the treatments they require before moving on to a forever home, whether this be veterinary treatment or behavioural support.


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All of our cats and dogs are neutered, microchipped and treated for parasites.  Puppies are also given a full course of vaccination. All animals are treated for parasites and some neutered. This varies species by species but we will always explain what has been done prior to adoption.

The adoption donation is what goes part way towards the cost of getting the animals in right place before rehoming.

If you feel ready to open your home and heart to a rescued animal, simply click here, and  go to our FIND A PET page. Get in touch with us by clicking here and completing the ‘Adoption Application’ online form. We will be in touch with you as soon as we can.


If you are reading this right now, then I’m sure you can appreciate how important animals are to us humans. They offer us love, devotion and companionship.

We provide rescue to animals in need, and we do this completely self funded.

It’s not easy. It never has been, but we seem to have been able to expand our arms wider and wider each and every year. Providing more and more care to animals in need.

We have 4 charity shops within Pembrokeshire, which do help, but what is really special is the people who donate directly to us. We are so, so very grateful for your contribution. Your donation doesn’t go to fund a big marketing company, we feed it directly to the animals brought to us locally.

If you would like to donate, and help us to care for these animals on your behalf, you can go to our “DONATIONS’ page, where you can opt to give us a nominal amount every month if you wish. Anything, and everything is SO gratefully received.

Or go directly by clicking here...


We also have a WISH LIST page, where we identify the specific items or services that we are particularly in need of, so please take a quick look if you are interested in helping us out.


We take animals from all over the country, but we prioritise animals at risk from euthanasia or animals in danger, and we work with various organisations and individuals, such as council pounds.

George came into us with what our vet felt was an old injury to his eye and as the eye could not be saved she advised removal. This was done today and what was found was a pellet!? We can not begin to image the pain this poor cat must have been in! But the operation was successful and now we pray for a quick recovery before we can find George a loving forever home.

It’s heart breaking to us that animals, particularly dogs, whom are not claimed from pounds within 7 days may be euthanised.

As of April 1st 2016 Greenacres Animal Rescue has provided the care for any dog found straying in Pembrokeshire. We will hold the dog for seven days if then it is not claimed by its owner it will be transferred over for us to look for a forever home. This maybe done through our centre or through one of the many organisations what we work with – all of these hold the same values and policies as ourselves. If you have lost a pet please click here or go to our ‘LOST DOGS’ page to see if it has been brought into our care.

It gives us a little thrill to re-unite loving owners to their furry little companions. Seeing those tails waggle in pure delight is such a wonderful experience!

Every animal deserves a chance at happiness, and we are so proud of the people who are able to open up their homes and to give these animals their chance of happiness.


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We work from our base, within the beautiful Pembrokeshire surroundings, but we also have some pretty fantastic fosterers that provide short and long term placements depending what is needed. We are ALWAYS looking out for people who are willing to become fosterers, and we’d be very pleased to hear from you!

Animals who come into our care are treated like they are our own. We care passionately about the care the care they receive, and we are eager to provide homes to them from people who share our animal loving approach.


If you have ever donated, or continue to donate to us, thank you, thank you so much!

Your support allows us to continue with this work. We are forever grateful for your support!

Greenacres Team

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