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Newfoundland Cross

Costa, the 4-year-old Newfoundland cross who's ready to find a very special home! Costa's early years were spent with many dogs but limited interaction with people, leaving him with an innate fear of everything new. Despite his timidity, Costa has a wonderful temperament and remains gentle and loving, even when he's feeling scared.

Costa needs a patient and understanding family who can offer him a stable and secure environment. A home with a resident dog is essential for Costa, as the company of another dog provides him with comfort and reassurance. He would benefit greatly from someone willing to visit him more than once, allowing him to build trust and familiarity at his own pace.

A super secure garden is a must, as Costa is a flight risk due to his fear of new situations. Working closely with us to manage his flight risk will ensure his safety and help him adjust to his new surroundings, and make the adoption process enjoyable. 

With time, patience, and love, Costa will gradually learn to trust and open up to his new family. His gentle and loving nature will be a rewarding experience for anyone willing to give him the chance he deserves.

If you think you can offer Costa the safe and loving home he's been waiting for, please get in touch with us. Let's work together to give Costa the bright future he deserves! 💖🐾

Costa is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped and will come with a Burns Pet Nutrition adoption pack plus 5 weeks free Agria pet insurance..

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