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Why greenacres rescue is so needed

Greenacres is a small, non profit, animal rescue centre in the beautiful Pembrokeshire countryside.  We founded in June 2008, when the need for our effort was recognised.  We try our very best to help any animal in need and rely heavily on a small band of dedicated volunteers to acheive our aims.

Greenacres Rescue believes that every animal deserves a second chance, and we are asking you to help us give them just that.

Although we work with both dogs and cats, and have helped a host of other animals along the way, our priority always to save animals in danger, some of whom are pound dogs... with just 7 days before most councils* will destroy (KILL) them, we constantly require loving homes for the animals lucky enough to end up in our care.

*To their credit, Pembrokeshire Pound, just like Greenacres, operates a strict no-kill policy!

We receive absolutely no public funding, and so rely entirely on supporter fundraising & public donations to keep us going.

Photos of your rescue dogs, cats and animals from Greenacres!

Puppies and older dogs for adoption through Greenacres Rescue

Why we must ask for adoption fees:

Trust us... running a rescue is very expensive!

Before adoption, every one of our little charges is vet health checked, treated for parasites and neutered (if of appropriate age).  Puppies are also given a full course of vaccinations and are microchipped.  The adoption fees help us to recover at least some of our costs.

The adoption fee we request is a minimum of £100 for a adult dog, £130 for a fully vaccinated puppy... and just £30 for a microchipped cat or kitten.  Every penny of adoption fees go towards covering our rapidly increasing costs to care for the animal you are adopting.

How to find Greenacres Rescue:

The Centre's full postal address is:
Greenacres Rescue, Ebbs Acres Farm, Talbenny, Haverfordwest. SA62 3XA  
Please be aware that visits to the centre are limited to those who have successfully undertaken a home check.  At any one time, the majority of our animals are on foster, so make an application to adopt and we'll be happy to arrange a visit for you to the foster home!

Get directions to Greenacres, or click for a Google map

How else can I help?


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PLEASE NOTE!  We are a working rescue and have an enormous amount of work to do, with too few people and not enough hours in a day :o(

Sadly, for insurance purposes, we cannot allow visitors on site except those that have completed an application form and have been given a formal appointment.

01437 781745   or email:


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