It doesn't sound like very much does it? 50p? 

You're donation however, makes a HUGE difference!

These days a packet of crisps, a can of fizzy drink or even a leek cost more than 50p. But, if 100 people were to donate just £2 a month (or perhaps a little more), we'd be able to pay for the heating and lighting of the kennels, the cleaning materials we use every day and the regular medication that some of our little boarders desperately need.


How often can we, as mere human beings, drastically change a life?

Your donation WILL change the lives of the animals we serve. Greenacres is ready and willing to provide nurturing, loving care to animals on your behalf.

Money is energy. You're lovingly sent donations you give to Greenacres will go directly to the animals.


You can donate one sum, or a small monthly sum. Simply click on our donations button above, and save an animals life.

Do it by Standing Order:

Click here to print a Standing Order form... complete it and send it to your bank.